Standard Policy for Distribution of PIRCS Datasets

Data submitted for each PIRCS experiment initially will be reserved for a period not to exceed six (6) months so that participants in the project (including all who submit data) may create an article for a peer reviewed publication summarizing the results of the intercomparsion. After submittal to the journal of this first paper on each experiment, the data will be made available to users outside the PIRCS authors community upon submission of a statement of how the data will be used. The ISU PIRCS team will prepare documentation describing the dataset size and structure so that potential users will understand the characteristics of the dataset. Any statement of use by users of raw datasets will be publicly posted on the PIRCS website. Intercomparison participants will be notified of requests before data are sent out. In order to acknowledge contributions of individual modeling groups who have provided the requested data, potential users will be provided draft wording of a citation and a list of basic publications describing the models that should be referenced by users. These basic publications will be supplied as an updated file on the PIRCS website.

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